NRA Courses

Refuse To Be A Victim - A 4-hour seminar on crime prevention and personal safety that is not about firearms.

Basic Pistol Phase I Online - A self-paced online course for beginners and a prerequisite for attending the Basic Pistol Phase II Practical course.

Basic Pistol Phase II Practical - A 5-hour session that includes classroom and range work. The course objective's include: safe gun handling; fundamentals of determining you dominate eye, proper two-handed grip, etc.; loading, cocking, de-cocking, unloading and pistol maintenance; shooting positions and shooting qualification.

Personal Protection In The Home - is an 8-hour course that includes classroom and range work. Objectives include firearms and the law, demonstrations both in class and at the range, mindset and visualization, firearm selection, single and double action shooting is covered, presenting the firearm defensively, reloading, technique, and defensive accuracy.

Personal Protection Outside The Home - is at least 9-hours for the basic course (Level 1) or 14 hours with the advanced course (Level 2). The course covers an introduction to concealed carry safety and a defensive mindset; introduction to self-defense and concealed carry; legal aspects; carry modes and concealment; presenting the pistol from concealment; presentation, position, and movement; special shooting techniques.

Basic Rifle - A 14-hour course for students who are new to firearms wishing to learn how to shoot a rifle from 5 different positions.


Non-NRA Courses

CCW Concealed Carry Class - This class is designed for people with some experience with a firearm. The class covers the universal gun safety rules, legal considerations, methods of concealed carry, dry and live fire exercises, defensive tactics and a qualification course.

Personal Coaching - This is for individuals who have already completed a firearms course but want individual attention to develop their fundamental skill.